Lenses - polished

Lenses - polished

Our manufacturing and final inspection of the optical components is based on DIN ISO 10110 to ensure uniform, controllable quality of the spherical lenses.

Using CNC manufacturing processes, we will manufacture your plano convex lenses, biconvex lenses, plano concave lenses, biconcave lenses, achromatic lenses (doublets), quartz lenses, cylindrical lenses, menisci, and spheres.

We can also offer all our optical components with AR coating and also as a subassembly.

Plano convex lenses, biconvex lenses, plano concave lenses, biconcave lenses, achromatic lenses, quartz lenses, cylindrica; lenses, menisci, and spheres from state-of-the-art CNC production

You can specify your inquiries for spherical components according to DIN ISO 10110, but also according to your own specifications. Our production and final inspection is monitored and executed using interferometers. We principally manufacture ground and polished spherical lenses predominantly on a make-to-order basis.

Certain lenses are continuously manufactured, and we have listed these optical components in our sample and inventory for your reference.

High quality subassembly and customized product development as value added from B&M Optik

We are best involved in your projects in a consulting and development role during the early development phase, starting with the initial prototypes. We will gladly support you with the layout and the respectively best technical and most cost-effective optical design.

Our large sample inventory is particularly helpful for new developments, prototypes, and for initial development samples and low-volume batches. Because we are constantly expanding our product line, please contact us directly with your request – we will surely find the optimum solution for you. In addition to manufacturing and processing all optical components from B&M Optik, we also offer high-quality subassembly as yet another one of our end-to-end services.

We build mechanical-optical subassemblies of all kinds for our customers, including lens assemblies and oculars. In addition, we can also offer a coating according to the technical requirements of your optical components.