Medical devices, analytics

Medical devices, analytics

Our specialty is to support our customers for lighting applications related to dental and medical device engineering, from research to development, and also for manufacturing your treatment and research devices.

Our lenses for LEDs permit shadow-free illumination of the treatment location.

Optical lenses permit and improve a wide range of medical methods, for example with the help of lasers.

Our components are also used for cosmetic laser treatment. A particular related challenge is that the equipment – such as endoscopes and otoscopes, as well as surgical instruments – must be sterilized.

Precisely matched to your requirements

Based on glass qualities that are precisely matched to requirements, an in-house climatic testing chamber available at B&M Optik where the future circumstances can be reconstructed, and the outstanding manufacturing processes used by an experienced team, customers can be certain that the installed optics from B&M are particularly rugged and easily stand up to chemicals, corrosion, and pressure - even for fluctuating temperatures and variable relative humidity.

But the high-precision optics from B&M also play an outstanding role for diagnostic and analytical applications.

We supply our customers in the medical device and analytics fields with lenses, aspherical lenses, achromatic lenses, plano concave lenses, biconvex lenses, menisci, windows, and specialty products according to specifications.