Plastic lenses

Plastic lenses

Injection molding methods are used to manufacture plastic lenses and optical elements.

These methods are used to cost-effectively manufacture directly usable molded parts in large quantities. The specified plastic type is placed into an injection molding unit of an injection molding machine, and is then injected into an injection molding tool under high temperatures. The tooling used for this purpose are high-precision molds.

The tool cavity determines the shape and surface texture of the finished, injection molded optical element. The surface of the optics provides essentially unlimited design freedom.

Plastic lenses from B&M Optik, either as standard or customer-specific items

Plastic optics are predominantly used in medical devices and automobiles, in sensors, and in industrial metrology and mechanical engineering. Without limitation, we manufacture aspherical lenses, bi-aspherical lenses, plana convex lenses, biconvex lenses, plano concave lenses, freeform lenses, doublets, arrays, and various segmented lenses.

Our standard items as early samples, new components as prototypes

In addition to our standard product line of plastic lenses and plastic optical components, we will gladly quote entirely to your specifications and requirements. We will gladly ship early samples from our standard product line or also prototypes developed completely from scratch.