Sub-Assembly Services

Sub-Assembly Services

On request, we also provide subassembly services for opto-mechanical components. From lens assemblies, oculars, magnifiers, mounting holders, mountings, housings, to other subassemblies with the corresponding optical components from B&M Optik, we will supply the assembled, typically cemented and inspected subassemblies according to your requirements and specifications.

We will manufacture the individual parts exactly to your requirements, and will realize the desired optical function by integrating your components to specifications; alternatively, we will use the mechanical components inspected and supplied by you for the sub-assembly.

We will gladly support any of your assembly needs. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we may jointly look toward the optical future.

Opto-mechanical sub-assemblies from B&M Optik

In addition to developing and manufacturing the optical components from B&M Optik, we also offer another end-to-end service: our high-quality assembly services for opto-mechanical subassemblies. The individual part manufacturing process is followed by combining optical components and mechanical components into optical systems.

The high quality of the optical components from BM is also reflected in the mechanical housing and mounting components, thus ensuring the optical performance of the entire systems.

If requested, we will also purchase any additionally required components on your behalf. We also appropriately inspect these parts according to specifications. Our experienced staff will assemble or glue all individual components of your product under the required conditions. After assembly is completed, we conduct function tests and final inspections of the opto-mechanical systems to your specifications. All test and inspection results documented during or after manufacturing are available as figures and are used to check the quality of your subassemblies. Your parts can either be packaged and shipped in packaging materials supplied by you or in standard packaging materials; two-way packaging materials can also be used.

If you need an optical subassembly assembled that meets your exacting expectations and requirements, do not hesitate to contact us by sending us your inquiry. You can take advantage of our subassembly services as an add-on service to the manufacturing of your optical components;  B&M Optik can offer the partial or full assembly, but of course also respectively as stand-alone services.

Send us your inquiry - we will assemble your optical systems.