Image processing

Image processing

Image processing systems are based on digital sensors in industrial cameras that are equipped with special-purpose imaging optics. A combination of hardware and software processes, analyzes, and measures various decision-making attributes for.

Today, image processing systems are available for many industrial sectors and applications and can offer solutions for a wide range of inspection tasks. Choosing the right image processing technology for a specific applications in all cases requires expert knowledge - as does the choice of the installed optical components.

As an optics expert, B&M Optik has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing optical components of all types for 30 years.

Your optics experts for 30 years

We bundle the full know-how in the optics field for machine vision, image processing, and for measurement and testing technology. Our stated objective is to provide end-to-end support to our valued customers for every single collaborative effort. B&M will work with you as a team from the idea to mass production, from the prototype to subassembly.

Should you decide to become one of our customers, you will always benefit from all our capabilities and all our knowledge. Not only our manufacturing and delivery, but also our assembly of the components you need will at all times be first rate, high-quality, and reliable, so that you can offer the best-possible image processing technology to your customers.

B&M Optik values long-term and sustainable success, and an enduring business relationship. This is what we think of as a win-win strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us - our advantages will be readily apparent to you.