LED Zoom Modules - scaLED

LED Zoom Modules - scaLED

Something amazing always happens when people turn their passions into their jobs. We called B&M’s latest development scaLED, and it is probably amazing.

It gives our esteemed customers from the lighting sector a new outlook and opportunity to expand and significantly enrich their LED product line. You have the LED, we have the perfectly matching zoom module. B&M once again invested into additional technical functionality - giving you a glimpse of the optical future.

LED zoom modules with textured aspherical B&M glass lens for your highly customized applications. The latest B&M modules are fitted with all technical and optical innovations you need to make a compelling case for your customers.

scaLED - much more than just standard! But manufactured 100% according to your requirements

scaLED’s are available in a wide range of options and configurations. In addition to off-the-shelf items, it is also possible to customize zoom modules to your products and to your designs.

Let’s talk about your ideas and needs. Request engineering support and a quotation for your samples. We look forward to hearing from you.

The zoom modules from B&M Optik

Zoom Module scaLED D24 scaLED D48
LED Optics with D 26,5 mm 51,9 mm
Front face texture medium medium
Zoom beam angle 10° - 60° 8° - 60°
for LEDs with LES up to 4 mm from 4 mm – 6 mm
Efficiencies > 90% > 90%


minimal 8° FWHM with only one LED optical unit and an efficiency of > 90%.