Laser technology, laser protection

Laser technology, laser protection

Laser optics are used in a wide range of laser devices and laser applications, such as beam guidance or material processing.

B&M laser optics feature specific substrates, coatings, or a combination of these, giving them high quality at specific laser wave lengths or across entire wave length ranges. A known challenge is that a number of laser optics have high damage thresholds, either for pulsed or CW lasers.

This means that when laser optics are used in combination with an insufficient laser damage threshold, the optical component of the laser can be damaged. And here again, our customers benefit from B&M Optik’s decades of experience. Do not hesitate to contact us, and let us celebrate our common success stories for your next project.

From the initial idea to mass production

We provide you with end-to-end support - from the initial idea to mass production.

B&M Optik develops, manufactures, and distributes an enormous number of various laser optics with outstanding results. These for example include laser lenses, laser mirrors, laser filters, and a host of other components for laser applications. Laser lenses are basically designed to focus, homogenize, or shape laser beams. Laser mirrors by contrast are suited for beam guidance applications, Laser filters transmit or reflect a part of the employed light.

Many of our valued customers use B&M Optik laser protection filters in ophthalmology instruments, where they block the therapy laser with high optical density, while also featuring a high degree of transmission for the image of the patient’s eye background.

Our laser windows in turn transmit special wave lengths or protect sensitive components or work zones against stray light sources from the employed laser. Come join us in your optical future. We raise the bar - for your ideas and applications.