Prisms / plano optics

Prisms / plano optics

Prisms are plane and precise optical elements that are precision-shaped by grinding and polishing and have optical effects. They are used for optical beam guidance and deflection.

The angles, orientation, and the number of surfaces determine the type and function. Optical prisms need to meet a wide range of requirements. In optical systems, our prisms ensure that light is deflected exactly to your technical specifications.

Let us know what your specifications are so that we can give you a customized quote. The advantage of prisms is that these optical systems can be realized with a minimum of space requirements.

High-grade prisms and plano optics

Our offer includes a large selection of various plano optics and prisms, and we will on request quote 60°/90° prisms, beam splitter cubes, rhomboid prisms, roof prisms, dove prisms, optical wedges, splitter mirrors, mirrors of all types, windows in all versions, optical rods, light guide rods, and safety glasses, including for laser welding systems.

We keep a large number of these optical components in stock in all versions and in various materials, and will gladly ship early samples for your development.