Lenses – moulded

Lenses – moulded

Finish moulding hot glass into optical elements is an advantageous technology for technical optics. By continuing to develop precision tools, manufacturing processes, and the technology itself, we have in recent years significantly improved the quality of optical components.

Moulding tools can be manufactured cost-effectively and in 4 – 6 weeks. At B&M Optik we use glass rods or gobs as the raw material, which are partially heated to the correct temperature and then moulded in the moulding tool. The parts are then stress-relieved or tempered depending on the application of the spherical or aspherical glass lenses.

Aspherical lenses, plano convex lenses, biconvex lenses, and many other shapes are possible

The opposing side of the finish moulded surface is ground and polished in order to obtain the end product according to customer specifications. For lenses finish moulded on both sides, only the edge of the glass lens is rounded over or centered. This moulding method is significantly less elaborate and therefore more cost-effective than CNC machining the same optical elements in a fully ground and polished configuration. The wide range of shapes that a moulded optical component can assume is yet another advantage. Without limitation, we can mould aspherical lenses, plano convex lenses, biconvex lenses, cylindrical lenses, freeform lenses, doublets, and arrays, the latter also with edgings, openings, notches, and segments.

In particular such freeform products can either not be made at all or only with considerable effort and at great expense.

Without limitation moulded lenses can be used as condenser optics in imaging LED illumination systems, in LED optics for light systems, in medical devices and also in sensors.

High quality subassembly and customized product development as value added services from B&M Optik GmbH

In addition to manufacturing and processing all optical components from B&M Optik, we also offer high-quality subassembly as yet another one of our end-to-end services. In addition to our standard product line of up to 100 different lenses and optical components in the specified component shapes, we will also on request provide a custom quote according to your specific requirements.

Best results are obtained when we are involved in your projects in a consulting and development role during the early development phase, starting with the initial prototypes. We will gladly support you with the layout and the respectively best technical and most cost-effective optical design.

Aspherical lenses - our finish moulding focus

Aspherical surfaces are designed to minimize the opening error intrinsic to any lens. Under certain circumstances, it may even be possible to improve image errors such as coma, distortion, and astigmatism. Since these cannot be machined on conventional machinery, aspherical lenses in particular are finish moulded.

Standard specifications, general tolerances

Standard specifications Up to Ø 30,00 mm From Ø 30,00 mm
Ø (tolerance) + 0 / - 0,2 mm + 0 / - 0,3 mm
Center thickness (tolerance) ± 0,2 mm ± 0,3 mm
Focal length, one side moulded (tolerance) ± 5% ± 5%
Focal length, both sides moulded (tolerance) ± 7% ± 7%
Bubbles and inclusions 1 / 3 x 0,4 1 / 3 x 0,4
Surface from tolerance, moulded side 3 / tool controlled 3 / tool controlled
Surface from tolerance, polished side 3 / 10 (5) 3 / 10 (5)
Centering 4 / 25' 4 / 25'
Surface, moulded side 5 / 3 x 0,4; E 0,2 5 / 5 x 0,63; E 0,4
Surface, polished side 5 / 3 x 0,25; E 0,2 5 / 5 x 0,25; E 0,4