Our factory in Pirna has various coating capabilities on four different systems. These are reflective and anti-reflective coatings in the respectively desired wave length range.

Our offer includes anti-reflective coatings, highly-reflective mirror coatings, metallic splitter coatings, dielectric coatings, beam splitter and filter coatings.

Any glass type, and even plastic (depending on application), can be used as substrates. The coating design must of course take into account the material properties.

Coatings from B&M Optik

Our leading edge ultra-sonic washing system ensures that the optical components are thoroughly cleaned as a condition for a high-quality coating. Sensitive glass types are manually cleaned by our expert staff.

We will gladly supply optically processed parts with coatings; we also outsource coating services. The price and lead time depend on the part dimensions and the required number of coatings.

A variety of different substrate carriers allows every coating batch to be used with optimal effect and thus cost-effectively. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.