Sensors, sensor technology

Sensors, sensor technology

Everywhere in our daily lives, we are surrounded by sensors, smoke alarms, automatic doors, the technology in our smartphones and cars, and in countless other places. Sensors are the “eyes” of a factory or a device - and we improve the performance of these systems as optics engineers.

Nowadays, a sophisticated industrial plant is no longer conceivable without sensors. Likewise, a successful sensor technology manufacturer is unimaginable for us without collaborating with B&M Optik.    

Sensors and sensor technology are an indispensable key technology for today’s times, and the expectations placed on this technology are extremely high, even in the coming years.

Together with its customers, B&M Optik repeatedly confronts precisely these expectations, while backing the high standards with tireless support, continuous research & development, and tightly-controlled quality management.

A world-leader for many years

B&M Optik has for many years been a global leader in the field of installed optical components, and our success is in part, and particularly so, reflected in the many satisfied customers for sensor and sensor technology applications.

Leverage our know how and our sheer endless portfolio of optical elements. We make anything possible. We are a team of motivated experts and developers and at all times keep a close eye on the joint success and the triumph of our customers.