Optical Design

Optical Design

Nowadays, every optical system is numerically simulated before it is manufactured.

In order to determine whether the optical system meets the required specifications, it is necessary to simulate the optical system by taking into account all relevant optical effects. We develop customized optical systems in close collaboration with partners and with our customers.

Our extensive experience developing optics and numerically modeling optics, together with our programming package are tools we use to numerically model and optimize your optics.

Versatile uses

We will always give you a solution optimized in all regards, whether we are numerically modeling demanding optics systems or high-performance lighting systems, for example with aspherical lenses.

Our products from B&M Optik are used in medical devices, in analytics, microscopy, in metrological systems for quality control, in aircraft and airport technology, in vehicle technology, in the entire lighting technology sector, in image processing, and in sensors.

Leading-edge optics product lines for customized results

The quality of the optical design depends crucially on the quality of the employed tools.

Our development partners work with leading-edge optics software, such as ZEMAX. This allows us to also tackle unusual and highly specialized tasks. Optical numerical modeling software has the ability to simulate the beam path for each of several hundred million beams. The optical design is the key for obtaining solutions optimized for quality.

Based on more than 30 years of experience, B&M Optik also takes into account all cost-efficiency aspects.