In addition to our LED optics and optics sample cases, we also carry a very wide product line of sample parts that ranges from molded glass lenses to high-quality ground and polished technical optics. Our constant enhancements and updates give you access to more than 2,000 different types of our optical components.

Take advantage of our short lead times for samples and tap into the inventory we carry in our warehouse. We will gladly provide information about the specifications of the individual types and will prepare an attractive quote for you. All optics can of course be mass-produced again in the desired quantities.

aspherical lenses moulded
bi-concav lenses polished
bi-convex lenses moulded
bi-convex lenses polished
cylindrical lenses moulded
cylindrical lenses polished
double lenses moulded
heat protection filters
meniscus lenses moulded
meniscus lenses polished
plano-concave lenses moulded
plano-concave lenses polished
plano-convex lenses moulded
plano-convex lenses polished
plano-mirrors polished
quartz lenses polished
special glass optics
special lenses moulded
special-optics polished

Technical support

Our technical support is available to assist you with any of your questions at support(at) or at the hotline at +49 6431 9860-0 of B&M Optik.

Alternatively, you can also use our contact form for your inquiries.