Customized optics

Customized optics

In addition to standard, off-the-shelf, products, our customers also have access to custom products and customer-specific optics of all types. B&M Optik manufactures exactly what you need. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will develop a highly-satisfying solution exactly to match your needs.

Can’t find the right product in our product line?

No problem: the team at B&M Optik will adapt to your specific requirements, from modifying an existing optical component to a complete development from scratch. Trust us - we will find the optics solutions you need based on our extensive know-how and flexibility. Step-by-step, we will develop the customized solution for your optics that you need for your products.

B&M Optik gives you the following benefits:

  • Personalized support with only one point of contact throughout the entire project phase.
  • Individualized concept preparation for your application.
  • Prompt, reliable processing by our experienced optics specialists.
  • Prototype, samples, production trials, and large and small production batches in professional quality.
  • On-time shipment based on accurate planning and project controls.