LED optics

LED optics

For use in LED optics, we very frequently employ finish moulded aspherical lenses with blank, smooth-textured, medium-textured or rough textured plane surfaces. Alternatively, and depending on customer need, moulded plano convex lenses, cylindrical lenses, biconvex lenses, freeform lenses, or a lens array can also be used as LED optics.

The optimal beam angle can be adjusted for the respective LED light application as a function of the LED beam surface and the distance between the plane surface of the optical lens and the LED.

We will gladly advise you on the choice of the LED, the technical optics, and the optical design of your application.

Your benefits

You have access to a wide range of benefits when using LED optics from B&M Optik. Using only one lens, you can arbitrarily change and adjust the LED beam angle (8°-60°), allowing you to achieve very homogeneous illumination without color effects of any kind with our lenses. The special surface textures of the plane surface of the lens prevents the imaging of LED dices. This also applies when dim-to-warm LEDs are used.

Our aspherical lenses and also all other lenses can be used without restrictions together with all commercially available LEDs. The glass materials we use have a long service life and stand up to rugged use even in difficult operating conditions under high temperatures and humidity. The use of high-powered LEDs therefore represents no problem for optical components from B&M Optik.

Moreover, our optics are also used as design elements – the sophisticated shape of the glass materials give your LED lights an appealing and high-quality design. We have the ability to implement your customer-specific requirements with straightforward modifications or layouts of the finish molding tool. High precision finish mold tooling can be quickly and cost-effectively fabricated for your LED application.

Huge inventory of samples and off-the-shelf items for your LED optics

Take advantage of our free sample shipments during your early development phase of the prototype construction. Our lens samples are available for you on request.

We will gladly advise you.