Automation, control technology

Automation, control technology

Automation is the autonomous operation of machinery that reduces or makes human communication or control redundant, provided everything works as intended. Ford Motor Company was the first to use automation in the late forties. Since then, automation technology has become the engine of today’s modern society.

Processes can be seamlessly controlled and observed from afar. The related components are mechanical, electrical, electronic, and optical elements from control technology, drive technology, sensor technology, and from communications technology.

Experts for optical elements for 30 years

We are proud to be a part of Industry 4.0, a leading-edge project to comprehensively digitalize industrial production and to give you the tools to confront tomorrow. The term was coined by the “Research Union” [Forschungsunion] and by a project of the same name from the High-Tech Strategy of the German Government. The stated intent is to include all Lifecycle Phases of a product, from the idea to development, manufacturing, use, maintenance, and finally recycling. We are part of this effort - because we love progress.

B&M Optik has also for this reason been an expert for optical elements for 30 years. B&M Optik in this case stays true to the principle that all development and manufacturing activities will only be performed at its own facilities in Germany or Europe. In addition to excellent quality, our primary strength is the consistent flexibility we demonstrate to offer customer-specific solutions, modifications, and designs with surprising speed. We provide end-to-end support for our successful customers - from the initial idea to mass production. Continuous research and optimization is our passion. The result is unstoppable progress that promises success. We are more than happy to share this success with our customers.