We, B&M Optik GmbH, are a medium-sized company with our headquarters in Limburg/ Lahn in Hessen. Since our founding in 1991, we have earned ourselves a good reputation as a reliable and valued manufacturer of optical elements and components. As an owner-managed company with tradition and experience, we know how important it is to respond individually to customer requirements. For this reason, we devote particular attention to co-operation with our customers. We also offer the highest quality in all areas – from the product through individual advice to quick reaction times when it comes to solving the customer’s particular problem. We not only live up to this aspiration, we attempt to exceed it. Day after day. Always in our customers’ interest. You too can get to know our innovative products, technologies and skills. We are happy to provide support even in the development phase of your project. Because we know that the sooner we work hand in hand, the quicker a technically and commercially perfect solution will be found for you. We look forward to impressing you with our products.

Our product portfolio is huge. This makes it easier for you to find your individual product that exactly fits your needs.

Our production ranges from simple moulded condenser optics to high precision quality
Here, we start from a diameter of 3 mm and only stop at 300 mm.
We supply individual parts up to unlimited series: loose components, mounted optics and
complete assemblies.
We handle all optical glass, fused silica glass and crystal materials for ground and polished lenses.
Production of moulded components made from the glass types LIBA2000+, F2, F4GT,
K10P, Tritan, Simax and coloured glass is currently possible.
Tempering and mirror coatings can be applied on our own machines upon request.

"As an owner-driven company with long tradition, experience and a flat organization we very well know how important it is to react to customer needs immediately, flexibly and non-bureaucratic. This way we achieve almost 100% customer satisfaction within our core customers"

— Alois Baldus, CEO B&M Optik

Innovative products with highest quality - a combination we are proud of!

Admittedly, the moulding of hot glass to form optical elements isn’t new technology. However, the quality of the product has been significantly improved through constant development of the technology and methods. At B&M Optik, we use glass rods or gobs as the starting material, which is partially heated to the right temperature and then pressed into the mould. Depending on the application of the lenses, the parts are annealed or tempered. In order to achieve the end product, the opposite side of the moulded surface is ground and polished. For parts which are finish-moulded on both sides, the edge is simply rounded. This moulding process is significantly less timeconsuming, and therefore more cost-effective, than the production of the same optical elements in a ground and polished design. The variety of forms which a moulded optical part can take (e.g. edgings, openings, notches, double lenses, arrays) are another upside. This often cannot be produced or are difficult to produce using conventional production technology. Lenses can be used as condenser optics in lightning systems and in sensor technology. Optical elements which are tempered after moulding have a high resistance to thermal shock and mechanical influences. They are often better suited for use in extreme operating conditions than conventional elements. Such surfaces are referred to as finish moulded. In addition to our standard range, we are also happy to provide you with a quote according to your specifications.

Standard specifications, general tolerances

If an optical drawing lacks specifications for dimensions, tolerances and material defects, general tolerances according DIN 10110-11 apply.

In order to guarantee consistent, verifiable quality, we are guided by the German industry standards (DIN ) for the production and final inspection of our optical components. The tolerances are defined in DIN ISO 10110. You can give details of your requests according to these standards. Production is monitored by interferometer. The final inspection can equally be done by interferometer. Naturally, the stipulated quality is decisive for pricing. In general, we produce items in this sector based on orders. A few types are continuously produced and we have listed these parts. Furthermore, we also have a wide range of samples which are particularly helpful for new developments and small batches. Since our range of products is constantly expanding, please contact us directly with your problem. We are sure to find an optimal solution for you.

The injection moulding process is used to produce plastic lenses. With this process, moulded parts which can be used immediately can be profitably produced in large volumes. For this purpose, the appropriate type of plastic is placed in an injection unit and injected into an injection moulding tool using an injection moulding machine. The forming tools used here are diamond cut. The hollow space, the cavity of the tool determines the shape and surface structure of the finished part. There is almost no limit to the type of surface which can be chosen for the component. Plastic lenses are predominantly used in medical devices, cars, sensors and industrial measurement technology, and in mechanical engineering. In addition to our standard range (see page 26), we are also happy to provide you with a quote according to your specifications.

In our factory in Pirna, coatings are appliedon four systems. These are mirror and antireflection coatings in the wavelength rangesdesired in each case. We also offer special coatings such as laser protection coatings, dielectric mirror coatings and beam splitters, for example. Almost all types of mineral glass can be used as substrates, while taking into account the material properties in the design of the coating, of course. Our modern ultrasound washing plant ensures the careful cleaning which is a prerequisite for high-quality coatings. Sensitive glass types are cleaned manually by specialist personnel. We are happy to supply optically treated parts with coatings as well as offering contract coating services. Here, the dimensions of the parts and the number of layers required affect the price and delivery time. Thanks to the inclusion of a multitude of different substrates, each coating batch can be optimally, and thus economically, used.

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