Tunable White now with Zoom Technology

We have developed perfect glass optics and zoom modules to meet your needs. Lenses with custom-textured aspheric surfaces make the difference. These allow us to achieve very uniform illumination without distracting color flaws. A revolutionary development for tunable white technologies. You decide what best fits your needs and project requirements: our lenses or the full modular design kit. We will entirely follow your lead in this regard.

The long service life and durability of glass, paired with our cutting-edge optics and your choice of LEDs has made a compelling case, specifically for light architects and interior decorators worldwide.

Exhibits in museums, jewelry in vitrines, high-end fashion collections in display windows, or even dream homes for style enthusiasts are “illuminated” with our LED optics and tunable white technology.

We give you the ability to adjust color continuously, independently of the dimming process, and unlock a broad spectrum of available shades of white.

The associated advantages are clear in the flexible uses. You can either tune such a light to match the daily biorhythm of humans - from bright daylight to promote focus during the daytime to soft candlelight for rest and relaxation in the evening.

Or you can illuminate individual works of art, sculptures, or fashion with excellent and ideally matching intensity - tailored specifi cally to the wishes and expectations of the artist or exhibitor.

Let us join forces to bring excellent light to the dark.