B&M Optik buys Bluebell Industries Ltd.

B&M Optik in Limburg acquired the majority of shares in the English manufacturer of molded lenses, Bluebell Industries Ltd. Our colleagues at the new location in Central England professionally manufacture molded lenses from bar rods and gobs.

As a result of the acquisition, Bluebell Industries Ltd. in Stonebroom /UK now belongs to the B&M Optik Group with its headquarters in Limburg. The number of employees increases to approx. 140.

The acquisition is intended to promote the further strategic development of the B&M Optik Group. Bluebell Industries will retain its name in the group and continue to operate independently in the global market.

In the photo you can see them from left to right: Thomas Scheu (stellvertretender Geschäftsführer B&M / deputy managing director ), Alois Baldus (CEO B&M Gruppe/Group), Steve Betts (Managing Director Bluebell), John Carpenter (ehemaliger CEO /  former CEO Bluebell).